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Revolution of Fascinating Beauty

A beauty clinic that is widely endorsed by our customers for the results achieved. With modern treatment techniques and tools, we assure the outcomes of the treatments meet high standards and are safe.

Beginning of Dr.MAI Clinic 

We have opened the Dr.Mai Clinic to meet the growing demands of our customers, with a focus on providing quality and safe services. In addition, we have a qualified team with over 15 years of experience in patient care, and we are confident that our expansion of services will effectively address our customers' needs.

We also have modern tools and technology. In order to provide higher quality and safer services.

In this regard, we are also committed to developing our team to have expertise in continuous facial shaping care. Training and seminars are organized to increase knowledge and skills for the team. This will help improve the quality of service to be more efficient and consistent with medical standards.

We hope to gain the trust of those who come to use our services on behalf of Dr.Mai Clinic and it will be our honor to continue providing services to those who come to use our services.

Awards of success

Dr.Mai Clinic was founded by Dr. Krittika Chattinakorn or Doctor Mai (Medical Director of Dr.MAI Clinic), an expert in facial shaping and anti-aging. More than 15 years of experience and is the only doctor in charge of controlling and designing facial adjustments in the clinic.

“Receiving an award that guarantees results will help promote better results. We have received wide praise from customers who have received treatment from us. Using modern treatment techniques and the latest modern tools. This gives us confidence that the treatment results will be of a high standard and safe.”





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