Ultherapy SPT

Lifts and tightens your jawline , Youthful looking skin

You will get new, smooth skin. Sharp facial frame, clear skin, and look more youthful. The best of innovation in lifting and tightening It will make your skin firmer. Without surgery, Ulthera Chiang Mai at Dr.MAI Clinic

ultherapy เชียงใหม่

 why Ultherapy SPT at Dr.MAI Clinic is better

Facial skin tightening without scars or incisions is possible with the latest techniques used by Dr.Mai , providing better results than traditional methods

  •  New Ultherapy machine, latest model 5 tips for all skin layers
  •  Tighten up with Dr.Mai guaranteed superior results with Asian awards.
  •  The treatment is less painful than before, with some patients experiencing no pain at all.
  •  Our doctor has over 20 years of experience and has been awarded at an Asian level.
  •  We guarantee the safety and effectiveness of our treatment techniques, especially around the delicate eye area.
Ultherapy เชียงใหม่

Where can I get Ultherapy done ?

 Face  Make the face frame clearer Reduce sagging skin Around the eyes Helps lift the eyebrows, lifts the corners of the eyes. It also helps tighten bags under the eyes. Lifts and tightens and stimulates new growth. Make your facial skin look firm, youthful, and radiant.

Under the chin, neck, and jawline Helps reduce and dissolve fat in the areas under the chin and neck and stimulate the creation of new collagen. and helps your face and neck skin look firmer more firm

Breast mound Tighten and lift the sagging skin around the chest area, resulting in a more firm and toned appearance.

Ultherapy SPT is ?

Ulthera is a non-surgical face and neck skin tightening treatment.

The Ulthera machine uses technology. which sends high frequency waves to the SMAS skin to stimulate collagen production. This is a protein that helps the skin on your face and neck look firmer and more plump. In addition, using high-frequency waves also effectively reduces fat that occurs under the chin and neck.

The screen shows the skin layers in real time, lifting and tightening precisely and precisely.

Stimulate the production of collagen under the skin for youthful skin by doing 1 Ultherapy session.

The treatment time is approximately 30-60 minutes, but the results last up to 1 year.

Therefore, it is an interesting choice for anyone who has skin problems that are not firm. But there is little time, no time to recuperate.

Working process of the Ulthera machine

Special techniques unique to Dr.Mai

It will help your skin tighten without surgery at Dr.MAI Clinic Ulthera Chiang Mai

You will get new, smooth skin. Sharp facial frame, clear skin, and look more youthful. The best of innovation in lifting and tightening It will make your skin firmer. Without surgery, Ulthera Chiang Mai at Dr.MAI Clinic


A different touch elevated beauty

Step towards great success New doctor receives Asian award “The clinic that provides the most Ulthera SPT+ programs in the country and in the Asia Pacific region

Thank you for your trust. and confidence in the treatment experience From every important customer case, Dr.Mai Clinic continues to strive to develop the potential in treatment from accumulated experience until expertise. combined with world-class beauty science To get the best results for everyone.

Awards guarantee success "Asia Award" 

MerzAesthetic Portfolio Award "Ultherapy® Toxin Filler Highest Achiever – Asia Pacific

The clinic that provides the most Ulthera SPT+ program services in the country.

The Star of Excellence for Ultherapy Transducer

รางวัลคลินิกที่มียอดการรักษาด้วย Ultherapy สูงสุดในประเทศไทย

The Thailand Top Achiever for Ultherapy, German Toxin & Swiss Filler

The only one in Thailand, the clinic with the highest growth across product portfolios in Thailand.

Dr.Mai is not only improves the appearance of the face, but also pays attention to balance every part of the face, resulting in beautiful and natural-looking results that complement the individual's facial features.



For those who want to have firm and toned skin, sharp and defined facial features, and a youthful complexion.

without surgery No need to recuperate with Ulthera Chiang Mai at Dr. Mai Clinic.

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1. Q : Does it hurt ?

Our clinic uses the latest equipment that has been developed from old models to reduce pain. And the doctor also has techniques to help reduce pain. But this depends on each person. Some people may not feel any pain at all. If you are still unsure about the pain Anesthetic can be applied 30-60 minutes before receiving treatment.

2. Q : Does it take a long time to perform?

A : Not long, it takes 40-60 minutes, depending on the number of treatment lines.

3. Q : Will the results is last long?

A : The results can last up to 1 year if all skin layers are treated and skin health is maintained by consuming nutritious food, getting adequate rest, and taking good care of your skin. This will help to prolong the results even further.

4. Q : Is ultherapy around the eyes dangerous?

A : Not dangerous. The clinic has a small-sized tip that is suitable for the eye area, and with the machine's screen, it ensures complete safety.

5. Q : How many lines are needed for a full face ultherapy treatment?

A : According to the standard of the treatment machine, for full-face Ultherapy, it usually requires around 400-1200 lines, depending on the individual's skin condition and desired results. The doctor will diagnose and recommend the appropriate number of lines for each patient's skin condition.

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